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PaperCut MF 18.1.1

New Features:

  • Scan to Cloud Storage: PaperCut MF’s Integrated Scanning solution now provides a secure and effortless way to get documents to the cloud. A growing number of cloud storage providers, including Google Drive, DropBox (personal), OneDrive (Personal), OneDrive for Business, are available in PaperCut MF. It’s secure and easy to set up, and seamlessly integrates with the overall PaperCut MF experience.
    Note: Scan to Cloud Storage is available on all Integrated Scanning-enabled devices. However, an active Premium Upgrade Assurance (PUA) subscription is required to use this feature.
  • End-to-end encryption of print jobs: PaperCut MF now supports end-to-end encryption of print jobs from the user’s computer to the printer. The link between the print server and printer can now be encrypted using IPPS, and an IPPS printer can be configured as a Find Me destination queue.
  • Azure AD user and group sync: Added support for Azure AD Secure LDAP as a new Sync Source option in the Options > User/Group Sync page, when Azure AD Domain Services is enabled.
  • Fuji Xerox ApeosPort VI+: PaperCut MF now supports Fuji Xerox ApeosPort VI+ Multifunction Devices (MFDs), offering a simplified setup that doesn’t require manual deployment of the embedded solution on the device. This new solution offers job tracking, secure print release, and Integrated Scanning, and is now the primary FX embedded solution for all Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-VI (or higher) devices.
  • HP Pro (Fast Release): PaperCut MF now supports HP Pro (Fast Release) devices, offering a simple setup that doesn’t require manual deployment of the embedded solution on the device. This new solution offers print tracking (except USB printing) and secure print release.



  • GDPR print management, data privacy, and security compliance: To assist with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation “Right to be Forgotten”:
    • The Privacy Option (“Remove document information from the Job Log after”) to redact potentially sensitive data elements from the Job Logs page, has been enhanced to redact additional attributes of the print jobs (file size, user client details, comments, watermarks, and digital signature). Additionally, the timestamp can also be redacted.
    • The server command “permanently-redact-user-data” has been enhanced to redact the file size, user client details, comments, watermarks, and digital signature of print jobs from the Job Logs page.
  • Job Ticketing:
    • Added a new config key to customize the name of the Print Rooms / FabLabs tab in the User web interface (user.job-ticketing.override-button-display-name).
      The System Health interface now includes endpoints to monitor the status of Job Ticketing.
  • Global Print Driver (version 100.1.0): The driver’s page output order is now “front to back”. **
  • PaperCut MF User web interface: The temporary option to revert to the pre-17.2 User web interface branding is no longer available.
  • PaperCut Views: PaperCut Views and PaperCut MF can now be installed on the same server.
  • Security:
    • When a print server is detected as being offline, the following now occurs:
      • held print jobs (pending release) are now hidden by default until the print server is back online, to prevent them from being automatically released after the outage.
      • print jobs queued for printing (released) are placed back on hold by default, to prevent them from being automatically printed when the print server comes back online.
    • The command line option “CreateSSLKeystore” now has the option to generate and import self-signed certificates that have custom keystore and keystore key passwords.
    • Continuing security improvements on the PaperCut MF Admin and User web interfaces, including cookie security and library dependencies, to reduce vulnerability to scripting attacks.