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Launch of new platform

With the Independent Cloud Platform (ICP), you now get secure printing and mobile printing as a true Software-as-a-Service. This means; pay as you go, scalability and multi tenancy. The customer’s traditional print infrastructure is being replaced with a cloud service and the need for print servers is eliminated.

Through innovative container technology, ICP can easily be customised to any organisation. It can either run exclusively as a cloud service, a hybrid or be implemented locally in the customer’s network.

Did we mention that the platform is completely independent?
Like all our solutions, ICP is independently delivered through us and is adapted to the customer’s environment.

There are several exciting features waiting and we look forward to launching these on a continuous basis.

Tuesday 24th of April and Wednesday 25th of April at 13:00 we will arrange a 30 minute webinar in Norway (24/04)  and Finland (25/04). Here we will share more information about the service, pricing structure and opportunities.

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