The Company

Automation is key when enhancing your business to meet tomorrow’s demands. We like to say that we take the robot out of you so that you, once again, have more time to be human. Automating the repetitive tasks employees has to endure, changes the way employees feel about their work. Saving time let’s them focus more on the creative and inspiring tasks. In addition compliance and data accuracy is brought to a level beyond human capabilities. So… Don’t hate – Automate!

Best of Breed was founded in 2003 bringing security and capture solutions to the market. Automation is therefore our natural path ahead taking use of our experience within business processes and workflows.
Today we are two employee-owned companies located in both Norway and Finland. Our offerings stretches into multiple parts of the world but are currently focused on the Nordics.
Our goal is to bring automation to the masses offering traditional RPA alongside our own developed automation concept for the SMB market. We consider ourselves as a knowledge center and bring knowledge to the market through our independent software services. This makes us unique in automating, securing and enhancing information and workflows within organizations.
It is important for us to be an independent and neutral party that can provide objective advice. Our expertise and many years of experience in the industry allow us to adapt our services according to customer requirements and to ensure the best results.


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