The Company

Best of Breed was founded in 2003 and consists of two employee-owned companies. Located in both Norway and Finland, we offer our services all across the Nordics.

Our goal is to be the preferred IT-partner within data capture and print solutions, where the focus lies on digitalisation with process optimisation. We consider ourselves as a knowledge center and bring knowledge to the market through our Nordic distribution of independent software solutions and services. This makes us unique in securing, optimising and digitalising information and workflows in organisations.

Being independent means we are able to support and operate solutions through our resellers, across all manufacturers and brands. By establishing independence in all solutions and services, the customer is assured of lower costs when changing supplier and that the risk of total reinvestment is minimised. Experiences of support and operation are thus carried forward regardless of supplier.

It is important for us to be a neutral party that can provide objective advice. Our expertise and many years of experience in the industry allow us to adapt our solutions according to customers’ requirements and to always ensure the best results.


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