Hot folder Capture

Automatically tag and process files or file structures by simply dragging them in to a specific Hot folder.

Hot folder Capture is the solution for capturing data via your existing Windows environment. By creating and configure one or more hot folders we can fully automate your document processes.

Rather than being a customised solution, Hot folder Capture is a platform for Windows-based data capture.

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Hot folder Capture is best suited to instances where processes can be wholly automated and where user input is not required. It’s also an option when embedded clients are not available.

Drag and drop documents to a hot folder or send them via an alternative mode of file transfer. The documents will be sent on for processing without any further user input.

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After processing, the document is generated according to the rules that have been set and can now automatically be routed to preferred destination through the solution’s integrated connectors.

However, the biggest argument in favour of Hot folder Capture is retrieval. With the right OCR processing, file format, naming and metadata indexing, your organisation will save both time and money whenever searching for a digital document.

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Why Hot folder Capture?

  • Digitalise entire document processes
  • Complete automation
  • Avoid user input
  • Efficient retrieval

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