Mobile Capture

Get rid of paper-based processes and embrace digitalisation.

Chances are that you already have one of the most powerful business tools at hand: your mobile device. If your organisation needs a mobile application to capture data, Mobile Capture is the solution you are looking for.

By adapting our existing application according to your needs, expensive development costs are avoided and you can easily add new features on an ongoing basis.

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With Mobile Capture you finally can get rid of paper-based processes and replace these with smart digital forms. We use features that are standard functionalities in our capture platform, and adapt these into the specific workflows.

  • Set rules
  • Fill out the form
  • Read QR-code / barcode
  • Take photos
  • Attach files
  • Electronic signature

Click send and the result is sent for processing.

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After processing, the document is generated according to the rules that have been set and can now automatically be routed to preferred destination through the solution’s integrated connectors.

However, the biggest argument in favour of Mobile Capture is retrieval. With the right OCR processing, file format, naming and metadata indexing, your organisation will save both time and money whenever searching for a digital document.

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Why Mobile Capture?

  • Paper-based processes are replaced with mobile data capture
  • Avoid expensive development costs
  • Easy to gather data
  • OCR processing
  • Efficient retrieval


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