Independent Cloud Platform

Eliminate your traditional print infrastructure and replace it with our hosted platform.

With Independent Cloud Platform (ICP) you finally can remove your print servers and get secure printing and mobile printing as a Software-as-a-Service. These are the core functionalities in a platform under continuous development, meaning more functionality is added as we speak.

ICP is an independent platform. Being independent ensures that you can keep the service when MFPs are replaced. The platform itself supports most MFP manufactures and can be utilized in a mixed fleet environment.

While maximising availability and ROI, you can minimise administration and user support. ICP is fully scalable, meeting organisation’s cost requirements from SMB to global enterprises. Configured to fit any organisation, it can run solely as a cloud service, a hybrid or contained in a single network. The configurations can also be combined without any loss of functionality.

With its centralized administration, the service is easy to set up, configure and maintain. ICP monitors and track print usage, and identify areas for improvement. Everything in one simple web-based dashboard.

The platform is highly secured, with high levels of auditing and encryption.

You decide how you want to pay. Either “pay as you go” on a monthly subscription basis, or buy up front to support your OPEX and CAPEX needs.


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Why an Independent Cloud Platform?

  • Remove expensive print infrastructure
  • Pay as you go, multi tenancy and scalability
  • Reduction in IT admin
  • Independence
  • Highly secure


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