One Q

Can be offered as an on premise solution, private cloud or public cloud.

With One Q you can print securely from any Windows, Mac or Linux workstation, as well as from smartphones or tablets.

One Q can be offered as an on-premise solution, alternatively you can get it as a private- or a public cloud. It is Azure certified and supports more than 90 % of all MFP’s and printers.

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One Q on premise stores your print jobs on a server instead of sending the documents directly to the printer. For private cloud, a VPN-connection between the Azure platform and the customers network is required. In return, the print jobs are stored in Azure.

To use One Q public cloud, a client software must be installed on the users computer and the print jobs will temporarily be stored here.

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Authenticate using your access card or by entering your Windows credentials. The identification ensures that sensitive print jobs don’t get in the wrong hands and that security is maintained.

One Q can be scaled in large environments and is independent of vendors. It is highly recommended for universities and colleges, as students can pay for print by using systems like PayPal or DIBS.

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Why One Q?

  • Independence
  • Security
  • Cost saving
  • Simple and scalable
  • Web-based
  • Recommended for universities and colleges

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