We supply all services related to the distribution of our solutions. As an independent operator, we ensure that all our resellers and customers receive a hub within expertise that endures, regardless of which manufacturer they use.

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Installations are primarily carried out remotely in partnership with local IT departments, but we also work onsite. We have agreements with various ASP suppliers that provide us with access to servers in those cases where it is necessary.

Our certified technicians have extensive expertise in the areas of databases, networks and firewalls.

Maintenance & Support

We supply second and third line support on behalf of our resellers, and we always ensure good customer service. Through our annual maintenance agreement, the customer receives access to support and necessary software updates.

As an independent distributor, it is important for us to ensure that history and expertise remain up to date and endure when changing suppliers, producers and/or brands.


Our independent position in the market makes us ideal for consultancy work. We are regularly used in contexts that call for objective advice and we have no preference towards any particular producer or brand.

With extensive industry experience, we base our advice on the long-term picture and always put the customer’s requirements first.


Workshops take place ahead of delivery to ensure that the customer’s expectations match what we are delivering. We focus on using the most integrated features possible to avoid customisation.

In most circumstances, this is possible and costs are kept at an affordable level. This is one of our strongest competitive edges.

Solution Design

As a result of a workshop or a submitted specification of requirements, we prepare a solution design to solve the challenges faced by the customer. Our focus is on supplying long-term solutions that survive changes of producer.

Our solutions are scalable in both small and large environments, which means we rarely encounter challenges our consultants cannot resolve.


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