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New PaperCut pricing model

Whats new?
The New pricing model is only based on device count & capability

  • No more user pricing

  • Unlimited users allowed for base license

  • Unlimited advanced client

  • Unlimited desktip widget

  • Only two license types – commercial and education/government

  • Unlimited site servers included in all licenses

Important notices
After 01.04.2019 all our offers for Papercut MF solution will be based on the new pricing model. We would also like to mention that all open Papercut MF offers with the old, user based pricing model are only valid until 30.04.2019 unless otherwise stated.


Maintenance & support
Flexible maintenance model can be purchased for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years and 1 month for maintenance alignment.


Existing customers
All existing customers will be automatically converted to the new license model when they do license changes. It is possible to do this by purchasing unlimited user upgrade with nominal cost, or without a cost by purchasing additional M&S or embedded licenses.