Enjoy the simplicity of our cloud services. Get rid of on-premise infrastructure and costly manual maintenance. Connect to automation workflows, move your print infrastructure to the cloud as you deploy Office 365. Scale and pay as you go with full automation is the new way with our Onecloud offerings.


With the CloudCapture service organisations can create forms, assign these forms to user that submits structured data into the the organisations applications and systems. User can also trigger UiPath RPA robots by submitting data directly to a specific workflow from any device they might have. CloudCapture is your automation connector and will help you bring automation to your whole organisation.

We use CloudCapture to automate structural creation in our ERP and CRM systems..

..Based on customer input we fill out a designated form in CloudCapture. This form collects data like Customer, contact, solution of interest, follow up information etc. By submitting the form our back-end robot gets triggered and creates the offer, project, follow up and so on. No more typing errors and syntax variations. All reports look the same. We do not even need to log inn to the system. Not mentioning the time we save!

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Move your print infrastructure to the cloud as you deploy office 365.  Printix removes the need for on-premise servers and all the cost connected to them. Also providing secure printing as a service for organisations who are dedicated to implementing an all-cloud strategy.

Printix removes the need for print servers through managing queues, drivers and configurations in the cloud. Get a simple cloud service that saves you both time and money.

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Independent Cloud Platform

The hybrid choice. With Independent Cloud Platform (ICP) you can remove your print servers and get both secure printing and mobile printing as a Service. Being hybrid you can still use card readers for authentication and control copying and scanning as well.

ICP is scalable, meeting organisation’s cost requirements. Configured to fit any organisation, it can run solely as a cloud service, a hybrid or contained in a single network.

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Gain oversight and automate reports that matter to your organisation. Utilising printer data analytics with 3manager will give you conclusions and statistics fast which will boost your print management.

3manager is supplied as a Software-as-a-Service and is often combined with one or several of our other solutions. All data are real time and are there to simplify your workflows.

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Delivering consultancy with cloud offerings is all about being a technology provider. Vi make sure cloud services are adapted in the right manner for the best experience. Combining knowledge to any offering ensures a better user experience.

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