Enjoy the simplicities of our cloud services. Connect to and trigger robotic processes from any device with Best of Breed’s own developed CloudCapture. Get rid of on-premise infrastructure and costly manual maintenance. Automate and monitor performance. Be scalable and pay as you go with our Onecloud offerings.

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Printix is a secure printing service for organisations who are dedicated to implementing an all-cloud strategy and that are looking to transform their print infrastructure.

Printix removes the need for print servers through managing queues, drivers and configurations in the cloud. Get a simple cloud service that saves you both time and money.

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Independent Cloud Platform

With Independent Cloud Platform (ICP) you finally can remove your print servers and get both secure printing and mobile printing as a

ICP is fully scalable, meeting organisation’s cost requirements. Configured to fit any organisation, it can run solely as a cloud service, a hybrid or contained in a single network.

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Gain oversight and automate reports that matter to your organisation. Utilising printer data analytics with 3manager will give you conclusions and statistics fast which will boost your print management.

3manager is supplied as a Software-as-a-Service and is often combined with one or several of our other solutions. All data are real time and are there to simplify your workflows.

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Delivering consultancy with cloud offerings is all about being a technology provider. Vi make sure cloud services are adapted in the right manner for the best experience. Combining knowledge to any offering ensures a better user experience.

Do not wait until your users start returning negative feedback. Book us today to help you out.

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