Implementation form: Independent Cloud Platform

The purpose of this form is to provide us with the necessary information so that the ICP Gateway can be configured. After submitting this form, the process is fulfilled, and you will receive the Gateway shortly for plug-and-play into your network cabinet.


We use TeamViewer for remote configuration locally.

Independent Cloud Platform:
Read more about ICP on our web. For information regarding ports and protocols, see this document.

Please contact if you have any questions.


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  • How many Gateways are required?

    A Gateway is used to connect local networks to the cloud, as the cloud has no direct communication with the printers. The Gateway can also be set up with storage of documents for printing so that documents never leave the customer's network. To avoid unnecessary openings in the Firewall, a Gateway is used for local Windows AD authentication. The authentication service runs locally on the Gateway and communicates with the customer's AD.

  • Local Domain Name / DNS Name for each Gateway
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    What functionality are needed, in addition to secure printing?