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When you post a comment or subscribe to a newsletter, we will request your name and email address. The same will happen if you buy a solution; we will request your name, email address, postal address and telephone number. Only administrators have access to this data. Your personal details will not be distributed to anyone for any purpose whatsoever.


We use cookies at Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer to optimise how our service works.

We use the data we gather to analyse visitor trends so that we can see if the website is working as it should be and whether we need to make any improvements.

Cookies can be turned off and back on in most browsers via menu options typically labelled as ‘Settings’ or ‘Security’. If you turn off cookies, you can still use, but some features may not work at their optimal level.

How to manage cookies


The website uses cookies to monitor all users who are logged in.
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Our webshop uses cookies to monitor your shopping basket.
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WPML is a plugin to allow the use of content in multiple languages. The plugin uses cookies to store the chosen language for both users and administrators.

Google Analytics

We want to offer our users good and relevant web pages at This is why it is important for us to have access to information about usage patterns of those people who visit our website. None of this data will be used to identify individuals.

In order to analyse usage patterns, cookies are sent to Google Analytics. Users’ IP addresses are anonymised. Google’s website provides an explanation of which cookies are used and how.


Wordfence is a security plugin that helps to keep our website safe and secure.
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