We have all heard it for years; the ROBOTS are coming! In Best of Breed, we recognize and appreciate the changes robotics bring to all businesses. By using in-depth business process knowledge combined with market leading software we can help you automate the mundane and time-consuming tasks that are eating your time and therefore hurting your business.

Robotic Process Automation – SMB

At the end of the day, all things have a cost attached to it. By changing the way traditional RPA software works, Best of Breed can also deliver RPA services to the SMB market. We enable a fleet of robots for everyone to use in the organization, where others traditionally deliver one per client.

Easy to deploy, change and reuse, our robots will be able to help you speed productivity, better your data accuracy and improve compliance. And all at the right price point. We believe in enterprise- experiences for all of our customers.

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Traditional RPA

Bigger business often means more people and more complex processes. We will help you analyze and understand what tasks and processes that are eligible for automation. This is done by both interviews and by harvesting data using tools and schemes.

By involving our development team, we can truly leverage your business to present and use accurate data within the correct time frame in a fashion suitable for you.

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From the very first encounter throughout final testing phase Best of Breed has reformed the process in order to make RPA available to small and medium businesses. More and more of our internal procedures are automated in order to keep cost of delivery at a minimum.

Optimizing your existing processes is just as important as automating them to achieve a successful delivery.

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