Security is often the most important factor in all businesses and organisations.  Therefore we would like to provide the very best of security solutions covering the areas of data capture, workflow, document security and printing. We can even provide content driven security to your documents making sure information stays secure and compliant. Reduce the risk of breaches and deploy the Best of Breed security measures today.


The combination of aggressive pricing and total functionality brings us to the next generation of solutions from Kofax. ControlSuite is a complete digitization platform with Secure Printing, Capture and Output Management all in one.

Your enterprise can not function without bringing in, formulating, and transmitting information. And your information is communicated through documents—both physical and digital. Kofax ControlSuite solves it all with unprecedented functionality. It is really the natural choice.

The natural choice!

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Secure Print

Maintain your organisation’s security while printing and let Secure Print be a part of your environmental strategy. The substantial reduction in volume of paper makes it unprofitable to continue without.

All solutions listed below are delivered on-premise. For cloud-based, please have a look at our Onecloud. Customer infrastructure and their criteria for functionality determine which solution we recommend for their organisation.

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OUR SOLUTIONS: SafeCom, PaperCut, ControlSuite

Mobile Print

The rapid growth in the number of mobile devices is constantly creating new market needs. Printing from mobile devices is one of these and provide a more effective way of working.

Mobile Print ensures that employees, students and guests securely can print by using their own devices. We only supply solutions that safeguard our security and functionality requirements.

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OUR SOLUTIONS: EveryonePrint


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