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Why choose an independent supplier

Uavhengig leverandør

Proprietary versus independent

There are two primary solutions available on the market: proprietary and independent. Proprietary solutions are those that operate solely on a limited number of manufacturers and brands, and in many cases just one. Independent solutions support a diversity of manufacturers and brands that are represented in the relevant market.

Best of Breed only supplies independent solutions through our Nordic distributor network. This enables us to support and operate solutions without having a preference for particular manufacturers or brands.

What does independence mean to the customer?

When a customer establishes solutions on their IT platform, it is absolutely essential to establish independent solutions so that these do not need to be changed in the event of a change in supplier. It is even more important to consider operations and support. How much time and resources should one use to start afresh with a new supplier? By establishing independence in all solutions, the customer ensures lower costs when changing supplier and the risk of total reinvestment is minimised. Experiences of support and operation are thus carried forward regardless of supplier.

Request for tender

We are seeing an increasing number of customers setting strict requirements for independence in their requests for tenders. This is important to ensure continuation of support and operating history. The formulations should also include stricter requirements in relation to the independence of all deliverables to ensure long-term profitability in the solutions being invested in.


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